The World's Leading B2B & O2O Platform of Magnetic Materials

EMKEX is committed to building the world's leading B2B & O2O through business platform of NdFeB ( neodymium iron boron )magnets, with perceptive innovation concept, breaking through the traditional e-business mode. It has collected vast amounts of buyers and suppliers of NdFeB industry,provide one-stop NdFeB industry information, product marketing, brand promotion, trade matching for both sides,buying and selling through agency on a commission basis, customized processing services-- trying the best to save the cost of buying and selling for the clients, helping enterprises to develop global market accurately and efficiently.

Purchaser service
    Provide you with a real high quality,low price trading market of safe and reliable spot goods and customized products. What we provide the purchasers is field certified selected suppliers with their professionally tested qualified products, market most competitive prices and the entire transparent traceability of purchasing process management. Buyers only need to provide us with the specifications of the required magnetic materials, performance parameters, such as information, specifications, drawings and requirements,our professional purchasing and technical team will help you match the best supplier according to your requirement, conduct through and transparent follow-up tracing from inquiry, negotiation, sample to the production process.
Suppliers Service
Processing Services
    Pooling a large number of competitive products processing plants, EMEX undertakes various performance of rough and finished products, customized processing. You can freely choose to inquire any suitable manufacturer according to your own demand, or submit your customized requirements to the platform, our professional and technical personnel will communicate with you the first time for optimized solution, and give you quotation.The complete process is under track management,our professional work team will guarantee the quality and the delivery of your ordered.
Agent processing
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